Scientific equipment for climate research, industrial measurements and air quality analysis


Experimental unit for the comprehensive study of ecosystem functions in the soil - plant - atmosphere continuum under controlled boundary conditions.

UGT has developed ecotrons, in collaboration with scientists and technicians from multiple research institutes, to study complex interaction between pedosphere, flora, fauna and atmosphere. Systems exists of two (soil and atmosphere unit) or three units (includes extra isolating unit) and can be equipped with multiple sensors for monitoring important system parameters & processes. All ecotrons are compatible with UGT lysimeters.

  • systems exist of two (soil and atmosphere unit) or three units (includes extra isolating unit)
  • can be equipped with multiple sensors for monitoring important system parameters & processes
  • equipment and design of the systems are always optimized for the customer-specific research goal

UGT Ecotron

EcoLab flex

The EcoLab flex is a customizable modular product line manufactured by UGT; basically any climate scenario can be created. Wheter it is from dry to humid, hot to cold, a weak breeze or a hurricane, lots of sunlight or none, high or low humidity, high or low groundwater levels, everything can be simulated with  integrated systems and sensors in the EcoLab flex. It can also be designed as a single ecotron with one lysimeter, as a single ecotron with several stackable lysimeters or as a double station. In principle each system consists of two main components that build vertically on one another: atmosphere & soil unit.

  • soil unit with soil sensors (temperature, tension, water content), suction cups or suction plates, soil cooling system and weighing system
  • atmosphere unit with air sensors (temperature, humidity), fans and irrigation system
  • compact: fits in an area of 1.5 x 1.5 meters: standard size is 1,200 mm × 1,200 mm × 3,000 mm (l × w × h)
  • housing: Ø 770 mm, height 980 mm, equipped with inspection door, alucobond and aluminum profiles
  • lysimeter vessel: Ø 500 mm, height 900 mm, compatible with Ready-To-Go lysimeter, stainless steel
  • applications: agriculture & soil science



System consists of three units: lower soil unit, mid unit isolating environment above soil from surrounding and upper unit, which contains equipment for irrigation, lighting and ventilation.

  • several soil sensors can be installed in lower unit to collect soil temperature, moisture & tension data
  • upper unit can be equipped with temperature and humidity sensors as well as a gas analyzer
  • up to four lysimeters can be installed in one EcoUnit
  • applications: agriculture & soil science 



The poly klima® growth cabinet M1 was developed for plant biological applications that require stable and consistent ambient conditions. It has two climate areas with a horizontal insulation level. In the upper atmosphere area, the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration can be controlled. In the partition between the climatic zones there are openings for 6 small lysimeters. The temperature in this lower area can be set independently and is used to regulate the lysimeters.

  • energy efficient chiller
  • one lighting level
  • accommodation of 6 small lysimeters
  • two thermally isolated climatic areas
  • 12" touch panel

Plant-Pressure-Ecotron (PPE)

The Plant-Pressure-Ecotron (PPE) allows accurate measurement of water potential and transpiration rates of intact plants in the laboratory. Experimental plants can be exposed to different evapotranspiration requirements, e.g. by influencing light intensity or humidity and soil drying. By measuring the hydraulic conductivity of the soil-plant system and its components, the PPE is an optimal device for studying the tolerance of plants to drought.

  • consists of three parts: pressure vessel, transparent plant chamber (cuvette) in the atmosphere unit and control unit
  • non-destructive measurement on intact plants
  • accurate measurement of the water potential
  • manipulation of the evaporation demand possible
  • automatic determination of humidity conditions / transpiration rate
  • automatic measurement of temperature differences and respiration rate

WIP setup for EcoLab

The Water Isotope Probe (WIP) setup for EcoLabs allows to extend your mini-ecosystems with a system for the determination of stable isotopes in the soil and atmospheric unit. The standard setup consists of 4 x WIP probes and 1 x master device with automatic multiport (valve block), automatic volume flow and sample gas dilution control for condensation-free measurement of water-saturated measurement environments and internal calibration with up to three reference solutions. The maximum number of probes that can be connected to the master is 10, however with the so called Hub, one can extend the capacity to much more.

  • complete system for your EcoLab, including software
  • easily expandable by adding Hub's to the setup
  • compatible with Picarro analyzers

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