Scientific equipment for climate research, industrial measurements and air quality analysis




Picarro Greenhouse gas (concentration) analyzers

High precision concentration analyzers for the measurement of greenhouse gases in an atmospheric background at parts-per-billion (ppb) sensitivity with negligible drift. 

Picarro trace gas (concentration) analyzers

Real-time, high precision gas analyzers for the measurement of (toxic) trace gases with parts-per trillion (ppt) sensitivity for the use of safety & compliance analysis in a room or the environment. 


Airyx air quality analyzers

Real-time, high precision, compact and robust gas analyzers for the measurement of nitrogen oxides, HONO and other air pollutants such as SO2, O3 and HCHO for air quality monitoring.

Ionicon trace gas analyzers

Ultra-sensitive real-time trace gas analyzers (PTR-MS) for the measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) with parts-per trillion (ppt) sensitivity for environmental research, food testing & breath analysis and industrial monitoring.

Picarro gas Isotopic analyzers

High precision isotope analyzers to measure and quantify stable isotope ratios resolving biochemical processes encoded in your sample.

UGT lysimeters

Delineated soil columns with a known volume and surface area for laboratory or field use to determine water balance variables.

UGT ecotrons

Experimental unit for the comprehensive study of ecosystem functions in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum under controlled boundary conditions.

Eosense soil flux chambers & sensors

Gas monitoring instruments that enable scientists and engineers to measure environmental gas flux & concentration - wherever their field sites may be.

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