Scientific equipment for climate research, industrial measurements and air quality analysis


Industrial process monitoring

Monitoring GHG's, VOC's or specialty gases, like hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen fluoride, are often required to identify gas sources, ensure safety, or confirm compliance in industrial environments. Measuring gases at trace concentration levels is to ensure high process yields or consistent process quality and results.

In the petrochemical industry, carbon isotopes can be used to determine the quality of a gas mixture at a drilling/fracking site, as well as monitoring fugitive emissions. 

AMC clean-room monitoring

Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) is a concern for high-tech manufacturing processes, especially in the microelectronics industry and the production of semiconductors. Organic contamination can cause adverse effects on production tools and consequently increase costs. 

Ultra-sensitive real-time trace gas analyzers provides powerful solutions to detect organic contamination in clean-room environments, at the production tools and in FOUP's.


Pharmaceutical & medical

Trace gas analysis and VOC process monitoring  in an industrial, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) controlled environment becomes more and more a requirement in the pharmaceutical industry. Fast, real-time, accurate and high precision measurements provides valuable information for monitoring production efficiency & product stability, as well as for health & safety control. 

The analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) in exhaled breath has become a growing field in medical research. Applications of real-time breath analysis involve screening for biomarkers, monitoring pharmacokinetics and metabolic processes and exercise stress tests.

Food & beverage analysis

Stable isotopes can provide a tool of fast screening, since every fruit, leaf or vegetable product will have d13C, dD and d18O isotope ratios unique to the plant type and local growing conditions (groundwater, temperature and amount of sunshine). This allows researchers to analyse the origin and authenticity of food products, like honey and olive oil.                                                                    

High precision VOC analysis enhance research, flavor & fragrance development, quality control and enable online process monitoring in food & flavor industries.