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Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) is a concern for high-tech manufacturing processes, especially in the microelectronics industry and the production of semiconductors. Organic contamination can cause adverse effects on production tools and consequently increase costs. 

Ultra-sensitive real-time trace gas analyzers provides powerful solutions to detect organic contamination in clean-room environments, as well as at the production tools and in FOUP's.

Semiconductor industry



AMC contamination in cleanroom environments is predominately created by internal sources such as spills or leaks of process chemicals, solvents, aromatic compounds from ambient air and return air, re-entrainment of exhaust air as well as material outgassings. Organic contamination can cause substantial costs in terms of wafer damage or loss and tool down-time. Permanent monitoring of the AMC level helps detecting incidents, identifies sources, stabilizes production and prevents unexpected shortfalls of the filtration units service life.

Applications: FOUP monitoring, Fab clean-room monitoring, monitoring of outside/intake air, filter & tool-level testing.

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