Scientific equipment for climate research, industrial measurements and air quality analysis



Ultra-sensitive real-time trace gas analyzers for the measurement of (toxic) trace gases with parts-per trillion (ppt) sensitivity for the use of environmental monitoring, in- and outdoor air quality analysis, safety & compliance analysis in a room or the environment, food testing and breath analysis. 

Proton Transfer Reaction - Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) and proprietary SRI-MS technology have proven high mass resolution and high sensitivity over a broad mass range, allowing fast, sensitive, accurate and extremely robust analysis of hundreds of organic and inorganic compounds. Soft quantitative ionization of VOC traces in the sample conserves the chemical composition of the molecules, which is followed by seperation of ions according to their m/z and real-time detection in a high-resolution TOF mass analyzer.

  • PTR-MS does not require pre-separation, such as GC, nor sample preparation
  • PTR is a very efficient and soft ionization method leading in high sensitivity and low limit of detection, little to no and adjustable fragmentation
  • PTR-TOF instruments analyze in real-time and deliver exact concentrations within sub-seconds
  • Liquid Calibration Unit available for easy and low-cost calibration of the system

Ionicon PTR-TOF 1000 analyzer

The PTR-TOF 1000 is Ionicon's most affordable time PTR-TOF trace VOC gas analyzer.

  • the entire mass range in split-seconds - no selection of masses - no waiting
  • fast and sensitive for complex VOC mixtures and high mass resolution for better separation and identification
  • sensitivity : > 200 cps/ppbv
  • mass resolution: > 1500
  • LoD: < 10 pptv

Ionicon PTR-TOF 1000 ultra analyzer

The PTR-TOF 1000 ultra is 10x more sensitivity than the PTR-TOF 1000 thanks to the revolutionary ion-booster funnel technology.

  • sensitivity : > 30000 cps/ppbv
  • mass resolution: > 1500
  • LoD: < 5 pptv

Ionicon PTR-TOF 4000 analyzer

The PTR-TOF 4000 is Ionicon's most compact, ultra-sensitive & high-resolution PTR-TOF real-time trace VOC analyzer.

  • sensitivity : > 6000 cps/ppbv
  • mass resolution: > 4000
  • LoD: < 1 pptv

Ionicon PTR-TOF 6000 analyzer

The PTR-TOF 6000 is Ionicon's premium PTR-TOF real-time trace VOC analyzer.

  • sensitivity : > 2000 cps/ppbv
  • mass resolution: > 6000
  • LoD: < 1 pptv

Ionicon PTR-TOF 10k analyzer

The PTR-TOF 10k is the highest mass resolution PTR-TOF real-time trace VOC analyzer.

  • sensitivity : > 1000 cps/ppbv
  • mass resolution: > 10000
  • LoD: < 1 pptv

Ionicon PTR3-TOF 10k analyzer

The PTR3-TOF 10k is a new generation of ultimate performance PTR-TOF systems optimized for the detection of highly-oxygenated organic molecules and RO2 radicals.

  • sensitivity : > 50000 cps/ppbv
  • mass resolution: > 10000
  • LoD: < 0.1 pptv

Ionicon Fusion PTR-TOF 10k analyzer

The Fusion PTR-TOF 10k for nearly instant reagent ion switching, ppqv limit of detection and utmost mass resolution.

  • ultra-clean fusion reaction chamber and TRION source for instant SRI reagent ion switching
  • advanced inlet design for milliseconds response time
  • TRU-E/N ion-chemistry quality
  • sensitivity up to 80000 cps/ppbv
  • mass resolution: > 10000
  • LoD: < 0.2 pptv

Ionicon PTR-TOF QB analyzer

The PTR-TOF QB is the ultimate real-time VOC monitor for mobile lab deployment; based on its lightweight frame and the unique stackable 19 inch cube "QB" design, it easily fits in the trunk of a passenger car or mobile measurement van.

  • based on the reliable high-performance trace VOC analyzer PTR-TOF 1000
  • < 500 W power uptake during typical operation, < 90 kg in total (ability to split the instrument in two) 
  • higher performance options available (like the PTR-TOF 1000 ultra or PTR-TOF 4000)

Ionicon AMC-monitor T-1000 analyzer

The AMC-Monitor T-1000 is a modular and flexible platform for Airborne Molecular Contaminations (AMC) monitoring in semiconductor applications.      

  • enhanced separation, identification and quantification capabilities
  • full mass spectral analysis in a split second
  • on-line LOD (limit of detection) < 1 pptv, response time below 100 ms
  • on-board multiplexing (multiple sampling lines) and calibration
  • designed for AMC monitoring applications like FOUP monitoring, Fab clean-room monitoring and monitoring of outside air 

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Ionicon add-ons and accesories for PTR-TOF analyzers

  • sampling and inlet system upgrades: aerosol inlet (CHARON), Extended Volatility Range (EVR), fastGC, multiplexing inlet, Buffered End Tidal breath gas sampler (BET), Nosespace Air Sampling Extension (N.A.S.E.)
  • ionization and drift upgrades: selected reagent ions (SRI/SRI+; adding other reagent ions e.g. O2+, NO+, NH4+, Kr+, Xe+), ion-booster funnel, hexapole ion-guide, sensitivity upgrade (X2 upgrade)
  • calibration and automation upgrades: integrated calibration, Automated Measurement and Evaluation (AME), Permeation source for TOF Mass-Scale Calibration (PerMaSCal)
  • accessories (stand-alone products): Liquid Calibration Unit (LCU), autosampler