Scientific equipment for climate research, industrial measurements and air quality analysis


Gas monitoring instruments that enable scientists and engineers to observe different vegetation types and measure specific ecosystem processes, such as soil respiration and net ecosystem exchange (NEE).

Eosense has developed a product line of automated soil chambers in various sizes and configurations including auxiliary sensor options, for measuring multi-species soil gas flux in conjunction with the Picarro gas analyzers. The eosMX or eosMX-P multiplexers and the eosAnalyze software enables easy and fast processing of gas flux data. Eosense (diffusion) sensors and probes allow capturing continuous, high resolution measurements of CO2 in a wide range of environments, such as rivers, lakes and dry desert soils. 

  • field ready durable design for long-term, continuous measurements
  • customization features, such as transparent or opaque cover and auxiliary sensor options (e.g. PAR, soil temperature, soil moisture)
  • includes Eosense software for data collection, calculate fluxes, determine Keeling plot intercepts, and integrate peripheral measurements

Eosense chambers and sensors

EosAC multi-species soil flux chamber   

Automated closed dynamic chamber for measurement of soil gas fluxes in the field

  • autochamber for greenhouse gas analyzers to perform long-term, continuous measurements
  • multiplexing options (up to 12 chambers, reach of 30 m.) 
  • slow raising/lowering that eliminates pressure effects
  • gas feed/return loop that promotes efficient mixing
  • compatible with Picarro analyzers

EosAC-LT/LO automated soil flux chamber 

Automated closed dynamic chamber for measurement of soil gas fluxes in the field

  • large chamber footprint (diameter 52 cm) with transparent or opaque dome
  • multiplexing options (up to 12 chambers), 30 m reach (analyzer to chamber)
  • additional sensor ports (e.g. PAR, soil temperature, soil moisture) with automated soil flux calculation (software)
  • compatible with Picarro analyzers

EosMX recirculating multiplexer  

Recirculating multiplexer, combining support for up to 12 sampling ports for use with flux chambers, incubation experiments and vertical soil profiles

  • equipped with 12 sampling ports
  • customizable sampling schedules
  • software assistance for static chamber users
  • compatible with Picarro analyzers

EosGP CO2 concentration probe

Gas probe for continuous, in-situ monitoring of CO2 concentrations. Its robust design can withstand being buried in soil, submerged in a stream or lake, or covered in snow

  • accurate, durable, waterproof and compact
  • peak power consumption of less than 1 W
  • analog, digital streaming and modbus output options for maximum compatibility with a wide range of dataloggers
  • applications: vertical CO2 concentration profiles, stream metabolism, reservoir monitoring, carbonate chemistry/speciation

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